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There is a project for my British followers (and other BBC watchers), and I have news. I will officially start this project (it will be a fan fiction and will be featured on my FF and AO3), and I will let you all in on it but I need responses to a few of my questions to make this happen. This AU will be Sherlockstuck, and the following needs to be decided by you, the followers, because this determines how long you will have to wait for chapter updates! So please send me messages or comment so I know what to do!

Question 1: Since one episode of Sherlock explains the whole story, should each chapter be the same way, or should it be broken up into smaller chapters? (If you want the episode chapters, the updates will take longer ((a lot longer)), but if you vote for the cut chapters. updates will be quicker.)

Q2: Should I add fan characters/fantrolls? *NOTE: These people will be used as extras, murder victim, or the villains if the responses are yes. If no, I will be stuck with creating random people up (which I'm not very good at by the way).

Q3: How interested are guys actually going to be in this?

Q4: Who do you think should be the following?:

  • Sherlock
  • Watson
  • Ms. Hudson
  • Lestrade
  • Anderson
  • Mycroft
  • Moriarty
  • Molly

NOTE: Not all the characters will be used, especially if no one votes for the positions. Also please note that when voting for character positions, please tell be who your talking about like the following example:

Sherlock --> Eridan

Watson --> Sollux

And so forth. Please answer these questions, they are crucial to the plot development and are needed in order to continue. Thank you for your cooperation and time!

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